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If you have been looking for a team of specialists that are able to deal all types of vehicle suspension and Differential issues, you are definitely in the right place. Our team of highly skilled technicians have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the repair and overhaul of Differentials and suspension systems.

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Precision Differential services

The repair and overhaul of Differentials is a highly specialised field of expertise requiring special tools and skill sets.
Enormous forces act upon the Differential and final drive due to the unit’s function in distributing the drive to your vehicle's wheels at differing speeds.
This calls for the preloading of the major load bearing components, and that is where our special tools and expertise come into play.

Efficient & professional repairs to all types of Differentials

With our large stocks and access to a wide range of parts and components through our supplier network, our Transmission technicians are able to carry out prompt and lasting repairs to all types of Differentials.
Specialisation and experience in this field of expertise also enable us to provide these highly specialised services at the most competitive prices in the Melbourne area.


Our Differential services include:

  • Limited-slip Differentials
  • Open-centre Differentials
  • Live-axle suspension
  • Independent rear suspension