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Power Steering
When it comes to road safety, your Power Steering is one of the most important systems fitted to your vehicle. Quite often, however, it can be one of the most neglected - ignored until something goes wrong, and by then it may already be too late. Here at Borg’s Automatics & Power Steering Pty Ltd, we are experts in all aspects of Power Steering maintenance and repairs.

Power steering problems aren't too rare, so don't be surprised if it happens to you. To know about the problems and the cost of their repair is therefore important. Causes of Power Steering Problem 1) Power Steering Fluid Leak 2) Power Steering Pump Malfunction. So, when you think of repairing a power steering, you need to know the power steering repair cost to estimate the repair price - fluid hose cost and the pump cost.

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Saving you money on your Power Steering repairs

Our experienced Power Steering and Transmission technicians appreciate that prevention is always preferable and far less expensive than cure.
Through regular maintenance and inspection, we can identify many developing problems and address them before they have a chance to become major and costly issues further along the road.
Power Steering

Quality Power Steering components

The Australian climate can be harsh on many Power Steering components such as rubber seals and pressure hoses, which is why we only supply and install top-quality components when carrying out repairs to your system.

Power Steering

Our Power Steering repair services include:

  • Steering racks
  • Steering pumps
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Inspection for leaks and belt condition
Power Steering