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Power Steering
When it comes to road safety, your Power Steering is one of the most important systems fitted to your vehicle. Quite often, however, it can be one of the most neglected - ignored until something goes wrong, and by then it may already be too late. Here at Borg’s Automatics & Power Steering Pty Ltd, we are experts in all aspects of Power Steering maintenance and repairs.

Power Steering Repair And Maintenance

Power steering has completely revolutionized the way that modern cars drive. By assisting the driver as he or she turns the wheel, power steering has made it easier to negotiate tight corners and steer through parking lots. In order to maintain the functionality of your steering system, you will want to set up routine power steering maintenance services at a shop offering automotive repair. The power steering system is responsible for converting a gentle force into a strong force, meaning that the system itself is usually under a great deal of stress. Additionally, any hydraulic system – such as the power steering system in your car – is highly pressurized and requires the fluid to be filled up and in good/clean condition in order to function at optimum levels. Periodically, the power steering system can require maintenance, especially if it’s been neglected for long periods of time. One of the top reasons why you should be sure to maintain your power steering system is that your power steering fluid will gradually break down over time. As your steering fluid becomes contaminated with dirt and debris, it will eventually wear out altogether. Your power steering relies on two mechanisms to make it much easier for you to steer your vehicle more easily and keep your vehicle under control. Power steering maintenance will ensure that your system has fresh fluid for all of its operating needs. Nowadays, most cars come equipped with power steering repair. As technology comes so the problems too. There may be a few issues with power steering also, like Problems with alignment or the power steering pump can also cause the power steering system to stop working. When it comes to the often tricky business of Power Steering and Transmission repairs, you need to deal with a team that you can trust. Here at Borg’s Automatics & Power Steering Pty Ltd, we have the team that you need. From manual and automatic transmission repairs to general repairs, Differentials and Power Steering specialist overhauls, our highly skilled technicians can provide a prompt and reliable turnaround on them all. We can help you take care of the power steering system in your car. From routine automotive maintenance to emergency repairs, we offer a full range of automotive services to drivers. To learn more about the advantages of having your car repaired at our top-rated facility, be sure to contact us call at 03 9350 4500.

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Saving you money on your Power Steering repairs

Our experienced Power Steering and Transmission technicians appreciate that prevention is always preferable and far less expensive than cure.
Through regular maintenance and inspection, we can identify many developing problems and address them before they have a chance to become major and costly issues further along the road.
Power Steering

Quality Power Steering components

The Australian climate can be harsh on many Power Steering components such as rubber seals and pressure hoses, which is why we only supply and install top-quality components when carrying out repairs to your system.

Power Steering

Our Power Steering repair services include:

  • Steering racks
  • Steering pumps
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Inspection for leaks and belt condition
Power Steering